Personal Sculpture – A Night at the Opera



A Night at the Opera

This stunner is all the sparkle you will need for that breezy little black dress. Hand molded in 12 gauge aluminum wire, the 5″ pendant is embellished with rhinestone studded tube beads in nature’s summer colors. It hangs boldly from a 26″ bronze satin cord, to fall just below the breastbone. Copper wire accents complement the natural color palette. Aluminum is a nickel free, non-tarnish metal which makes it a perfect alternative to silver and gold. It is extremely light which allows for big, bold designs without the added weight. SOLD



A combination of round 12 gauge aluminum and flat black copper wire. This is a whimsical eye-catcher incorporating decorative wire wrapping techniques. Hangs from a 16″ black satin cord, with copper wire wrap detailing. Jazz is meant to hang jauntily in just the right spot.


Evoking the patterns traced on the cool sand, by the shore at Rockaway Beach. Fluidly sculptural combining 2 lengths of 12 gauge round aluminum wire. Doodle measures approximately 4″ across and 3″ high. The 16″ bronze satin cord is a perfect compliment. A boat neck or sweetheart neckline would be the perfect frame for this original.


Intricate, abstract combination of my favorite round aluminum wire in silver and smooth, black ribbon copper. The mix of textures combine and complement each other, while remaining lightweight. This is another bold original; 5″ long and made to hang directly from the base of the throat on it’s 15″ black satin cord.

eljaiek artwear
sold exclusively at Eva Shaw Designs 107 Sullivan street, SoHo NYC or  directly from the artist, contact –
Use and Care – 
ArtWear is handcrafted by the artist in her NY studio.
Each piece is unique and never duplicated.
Handle with care – Jewelry should be the perfect accessory to your fabulous outfit.
Adorn yourself once you have finished applying all cosmetics and aerosols.
Avoid water – Remove all jewelry before bathing or swimming.
Although aluminum does not tarnish, too much water can make it lose its glow.
Keep it fresh – Wipe off the dust of everyday life using a soft cloth.
Aluminum is a soft metal that will provide substance without added weight,
use a light touch when buffing is needed.




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