After Halloween, it’s just one straight luge ride to the holidays. Find a one of a kind.

ESD Welcomes ArtWear by Patricia Eljaiek

imagePatricia Eljaiek is a NY based artist and muralist. Her favorite tool is a drowsy, no. 6 pencil that she enjoys combining with vibrant watercolors. A graduate of SVA she is a teaching artist and mentor at Xmental, a not for profit committed to mentoring and educating urban youth. Patricia and the members of Xmental continue to leave their indelible mark on the streets of NY.Whether painting, drawing or designing, Patricia is drawn to organic shapes and decorative embellishments. Jewelry design has been part of her repertoire since her SVA days. Although she has worked in a variety of metals, the fluidity of aluminum wire makes it a perfect fit for the fanciful swirls and curves reflected in her jewelry pieces. Creating personal jewelry sculptures results in aesthetically exciting and functional wearable art; thus was born Eljaiek ArtWear.

Each piece in this premier collection is hand molded using lightweight, non-tarnish aluminum wire. Aluminum retains it’s softly buffed shine and compliments all skin types. Each piece of Eljaiek ArtWear is one of a kind and irreproducible.

She believes that art should not be a luxury, but a part of everyone’s daily life- it’s even wearable!

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