Something Borrowed, Something New

Now that my daughter is living in Chicago, she told me the thing she misses most is not having access to all the “art stuff” we have at home in NY. Presumably, after missing her family and friends, of course. It’s true though, we have accumulated quite the assortment of conventional art supplies as well as some out of the box materials we use in surprisingly  inventive ways. Having access to such a varied sandbox, there are bound to be plenty of unfinished and forgotten projects, hidden away in the many boxes, storage ottomans and holy grail of art cabinets scattered around my modest home.

This past week I began making Christmas gifts for my grandson (still happily getting used to that word), and discovered a treasure trove of trinkets, charms and tokens embellished by his mom and left behind, just for me….

I really enjoyed mixing the soft yarn with the smooth acrylic charms. My daughter’s designs compliment the entire product. This of course, started me on a crochet frenzy, and I have since gotten more charms to add to other crochet cuffs. More versions will follow; right now I am just enjoying the jangly sound they make.

Every cuff gets me closer to my own version of that elusive charm bracelet worn by Grace Kelly in “Rear Window”. Who knows the one I mean? At least 7 strands of pearls, adorned with big, round gold charms that sounded like tinkling crystal. It’s a wonder Hitchcock left it in the film because it is so distracting. Perhaps he was making a statement about the beautiful Lisa Carol Fremont and her frivolous charms? I have no idea what happens in those frames where this bracelet makes its appearance because every time I watch the movie, I am busy trying to get a good view of that amazing piece!

I could just try to re-create it, like many have done before me, but I think I’ll stick to re-imagining it.

image              image



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