“That’s what real love amounts to – letting a person be what he really is.”

This quote was attributed to Jim Morrison. I did not do any fact checking because it doesn’t really matter if he said it or not. I chose it because it’s true, don’t you agree> Whether it’s your partner, a friend, your child or a family member, to truly love someone is to allow them to be themselves and accept them.

With Valentine’s Day approaching (although we shouldn’t wait for a special day), it seems a good time to remind my few, but treasured followers, that a unique gift is always appreciated 😉

Escrito necklaces and eljaiekartwear are one of a kind, literally. I create each piece to stand alone and not be duplicated. They really are special because no one else will have another like it.  Just like the recipient; it is one of a kind.

Escrito means “written” in Spanish. Just think of the possibilities – favorite quotes, nicknames, statements, song lyrics. Each necklace is “handwritten” in aluminum wire which is lightweight but not flimsy, nickel free and retains it’s soft, glowing finish.

Aluminum wire is fairly easy to manipulate, but I do prefer to limit the words to three or four in an Escrito piece. I find that is a perfect length around the neck and my hands will thank you for keeping it short and sweet. Each necklace hangs from either a satin cord or matching chain; your choice ( I lean toward the cords myself).

Orders placed before February 10 within the NY C area can be hand delivered. Payment accepted via Square register, or upon delivery. Payments taken through email will be sent an invoice from Square, with payments accepted via Square, shipping is FREE  for the holiday <3. Gift bag included!

Send me your quote, phrase, name etc. and I will create a one of a kind statement necklace for the people you love.

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